Lei Colors & Styles

Please give us one week's notice for your custom Carolina Flower Lei order

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Traditional orchid lei, appropriate for both ladies and gentlemen, are available in both single and double lei styles  

Single purple orchid lei start at $75

Double purple orchid lei start at $125.

Orchid rosebud lei, feminine and available in many colors, make a gorgeous statement

Single orchid-rosebud lei start at $110

Double orchid-rosebud lei start at $150

Double rosebud rope lei, a little less traditional, elegant in all-white, and  incredibly fun in bright colors

Double rosebud lei start at $115

Triple rosebud start at $145

Single orchid lei in special colors are available as well

Single orchid special lei start at $95

Double orchid special lei start at $145

Fragrant and breathtaking, plumeria lei are always perfect~ in the double lei style only 

Double plumeria lei start at $150

Double plumeria-orchid lei start at $215  

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double white white.JPG
orchid rosebud.JPG

Elegant & traditional, ti leaf lei are available for gentlemen

Maile-style ti leaf lei start at $75

Maile-style ti leaf w/orchids start at $95.

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orchid-rosebud lei white and pink.PNG

Here are just a few of the lei we offer~contact us to discuss your preferences!


Orchids may be available in purple, lavender, white, green, shell pink, purple-blue, & even aqua with advance notice.  Rosebuds may be available in light pink, hot pink, white, green, yellow, & coral with advance notice.  Carnations may be available in white, pink, red, yellow, & purple.  Plumeria are available in yellow-white with the occasional blessing of a rare pink blossom.  Let us delight you with an elevated & enhanced lei experience 

Don't forget the keiki!  Children (ok, not just children!) love candy lei.  Crafted with a variety of non-chocolate candies and curling ribbons in a variety of colors, this lei always delights!

Candy lei start at $15.

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