Lei Colors & Styles
Here are just a few of the lei we offer~contact us to discuss your preferences!
Orchids may be available in purple, lavender, white, green, shell pink, purple-blue, & even aqua with advance notice.  Rosebuds may be available in light pink, hot pink, white, green, yellow, & coral with advance notice.  Carnations may be available in white, pink, red, yellow, & purple.  Plumeria are available in yellow-white with the occasional blessing of a rare pink blossom.

Perfect for the young lady celebrating a graduation or other special event, our orchid-rosebud lei are our most popular lei.  They are available in both the single and double lei styles.  Single orchid-rosebud lei are crafted with between 30-60 orchids and 15-30 rosebuds, while the double lei style uses nearly twice as many flowers~the double orchid lei, fuller & fluffier, makes a sumptuous statement.

Single orchid-rosebud lei start at $65, while double orchid-rosebud lei start at $95. 


Admired for their authenticity, our orchid lei are always a perfect choice.  These traditional Hawaiian lei are appropriate for both ladies and gentlemen,  and are available in both single and double lei styles.  Simple and elegant, this lei always delights in true Hawaiian style. 

Single orchid lei start at $70, while double orchid lei start at $95.

Striking and unusual, rosebud lei are a little less traditional and a lot of fun.  They look festive when made with bright colors, while an all-white double or triple rosebud lei makes a truly elegant statement.  We create these lei in either a double lei style or a triple lei style only.  Gentlemen may enjoy rosebud lei threaded with kukui nut.

Double rosebud lei start at $50, while triple rosebud lei start at $70.  Rosebud-kukui nut lei start at $55.

Fragrant and breathtaking, our plumeria lei are always the perfect choice.  If you are from Hawai'i, or have visited Hawai'i, this lei is sure to bring you back to the islands with their gorgeous scent and silky petals.  Plumeria lei are only available for events taking place on Wednesdays (in late afternoons and evenings), Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  Shipping fragile plumeria is a tricky task and this delicate flower will not last long.  We string plumeria in the double lei style, using between 110-140 blossoms, as plumeria blossoms are quite floppy and look best presented this way.  Plumeria blossoms are available in yellow-white with an occasional pink blossom.  You may wish to order a double plumeria-orchid lei~this adds the option of additional colors.

Double plumeria lei start at $135, while double plumeria-orchid lei start at $185.  *Be sure to place your order at least a week in advance.

Traditional and simple, our kukui nut lei for gentlemen are available with dark brown and black kukui nuts.  This lei may be adorned with a small orchid and greenery accent, or crafted with alternating kukui nuts and fresh orchids.  Purple or purple-blue orchids make a handsome arrangement.

Kukui nut lei start at $10 without adornment.

Kukui nut lei with ribbon, orchid and greenery accent start at $30

Kukui nut-orchid lei start at $40.

Long-lasting, elegant, and traditional, ti leaf lei are available for the gentleman being celebrated.  This open-ended lei will add a touch of true Hawaiian style to any event.  This lei may be purchased with or without orchids braided in it.  Lush and breathtaking, ti leaf lei in the maile style are also available~with or without orchid adornment, as well.

A simple ti leaf lei starts at $55, with orchid adornment, ti leaf lei start at $75.

Maile-style ti leaf lei start at $75, maile-style ti leaf lei with orchids start at $95.

Don't forget the keiki!  Children (ok, not just children!) love candy lei.  Crafted with a variety of non-chocolate candies and curling ribbons in a variety of colors, this lei always delights!

Candy lei start at $15.

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