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F A Q 's

May I pick up my order in person?

Absolutely!  If you live in the Central Florida area, this is the best way to get your flowers.  We are conveniently located in Windermere, Florida, just minutes away from Disney World.

May I have my order shipped to me in Florida (outside of Central Florida)?

Absolutely!  Within Florida, we generally ship FedEx Ground Overnight.


Where else do you ship?

We can ship anywhere in the U.S. via FedEx Standard Overnight.

When do I need to place my order?

Please place your order asap!  The more notice we have, the likelier we can accommodate all your requests.  We recommend 10 days prior to your event, but call us if you have a tighter timeline~we’ll always do our best to provide you with our beautiful flower leis!

When should I have my order delivered?

Please order your flowers to be delivered 1-2 days before the event in order to ensure freshness and in case of delays.

How do I care for my leis once I receive them?

Orchids and rosebuds are happiest with a light mist in a large baggie in the bottom of a refrigerator set to the warmest setting.  Ti leaf leis may be placed in airtight baggies and frozen.  Plumeria leis require special care and cannot be put in the refrigerator or freezer.  These beauties must be pampered with a constant light mist and gently placed in a cooler at about 60 degrees.

I purchased leis in Hawai’i that were less costly - why are yours so expensive?

Our flowers are shipped in from tropical flower farms around the world, and our leis are hand-strung right here in Florida especially for you.  Our leis are comprised of anywhere from 75-300 blossoms, significantly more blooms than you’ll find in most other leis.  They are not mass-produced tourist gifts with plastic spacers.  We work hard to ensure your Carolina Flower Lei will be the best quality lei you can find on the East Coast.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Absolutely!  We have lots of great options for presentation of leis, as well as special pricing!  Contact us to discuss your special event! 


 May I come visit your store?

We don’t operate a retail store, everything we make is custom - made especially for you!

Do you offer workshops?  Do you do live events?

Absolutely!  We love sharing Aloha by teaching the art and history of lei-making with others!

Do you offer anything other than flower leis?

Absolutely!  We love crafting our lei po’o (flower crowns), garlands, ti leaf and candy lei for our customers!  Just ask us!

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